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Bodog Poker Knockout

Bodog’sPoker Knockouts are distinguished by the thrill of being able to win a large part of the prize pool without having to win the tournament. In knockout tournaments, also called KO poker, the prize money is divided between the players at the table and the final prize. Each time someone eliminates a player, that person earns part of the victim’s bounty.

How to play Knockout Poker

If you’ve never played knockout poker online before, you should try the thrill of the game. Because, as we have already said, for every player eliminated, you get a reward. And, if it is in progressive format, this value increases as the game progresses.

 Bodog Poker Knockout
Poker Knockout has excitement at Bodog | Global Poker Deals

The big advantage is precisely this – you don’t have to wait for the opponents at the table to be eliminated to win money. Simply by eliminating someone at the beginning of the game, for example, you win, regardless of your rank number. And, of course, the more players you eliminate, the more you win. The final prize is also a good reward for those who achieve a good ranking at the table.

You can play in the daily elimination poker tournaments here at Bodog!

What is bounty?

The bounty in poker is the value of each player’s “head”. That’s why we always say that you get a reward for every player eliminated in online poker.

Poker Knockout

In this type of multi-table poker tournaments there is a part of the buy-in that goes to the tournament prize pool and another part that is shared among all the players at the table, called bounty. In knockout poker tournaments, the value of the bounty is fixed and never changes, remaining the same throughout the game.

Progressive Poker Knockout MTT (Multi Table Tournaments)

Progressive Poker Knockout, also called PKO, is well known for all the adrenaline it offers. Because here, unlike the modality we mentioned earlier, the reward value is not fixed and increases as players are removed from the table. As the name suggests, the reward is progressive, so the more players you eliminate, the better your reward will be.

Sit & Go Knockout

As in all online poker tournaments, Sit & Go’s are characterized by the limited number of players, which makes the tournaments faster compared to other modalities. This undoubtedly increases your chances of winning as you compete with fewer players. You can choose between a single table, with 6 players, or multitable with 18 players. And, when we talk about Sit & Go Knockout, it means that here you also receive a reward for each eliminated player, without necessarily having to reach the end of the competition.

How do I register with bodog and find the Poker Knockouts?

To play at Bodog, you must be registered through us. You can CREATE A BODOG ACCOUNT HERE . Download the software if you are going to play on your computer or play directly in your browser if you access from your mobile.

To play Poker Knockout or Progressive Poker Knockout:

Already registered and downloaded the software, you will find the MTT in: Tournaments> Types of tournaments> select the Knockout option and choose your preferred online poker tournament.

To play Sit & Go Knockout:

In Sit & Go Tournaments> select the Knockout option and choose your preferred online poker tournament.

Quick Tips for Playing Knockout Poker:

It is very important to focus on the game and be prepared to adapt to any situation: eliminate, be eliminated, win or lose. All of this is part of the game and makes online poker even more exciting. There is always a new tournament to play and new opportunities to show off your best plays.

Do not forget that if you need help to open an account or know if you can get extra benefits (more than the room gives), you can contact us in our chat available 24/7.

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