How to Play Poker? Button and Blind

In this article we explain the button concepts and blinds in poker.

Poker is a card game of extensive theory and strategy and to take your first steps it is essential to know the basics. In this article we will tell you about the button and the blinds, fundamental concepts that are part of the practice in every poker game.

The Button (Dealer)

At the start of each poker hand a dealer button, represented by a small disc, marks the order of the different positions at the table. The player in this position is the last to receive his own cards and is the last to act. At the end of each hand the button passes to the next player to the left of it, always rotating clockwise. In addition, all the other positions on the table move together with the button.

The Blinds

Immediately to the left of the button are the two blinds, the small blind followed by the big blind. Blinds are mandatory bets that must be placed by players in these positions to give an initial value to the pot to stimulate play. These bets are called blinds because they are placed before players can see their own cards.

  • Small Blind: Known as Small Blind or SB, this is the blind placed by the player to the immediate left of the button.
  • Big Blind: Known as the Big Blind or BB, this is the blind placed by the player immediately to the left of the Small Blind. The value of the Big Blind is equal to twice the value of the Small Blind.

It should be noted that blinds can have different structures, especially when it comes to poker tournaments. In tournaments the blinds increase in value as you move up a level every few years. So at the start of a tournament the blinds may be 15/30 for level 1, then 20/40 for level 2, then 25/50 for level 3 and so on.

The Before

In poker games, there is also a third mandatory bet called Ante. This, if the game requires it, is a small bet that all players contribute before receiving their own cards. Before are generally used in poker tournaments, especially in the later stages of tournaments to make the pots more attractive. In addition, before are worth much less than the value of the small blind.

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